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Photo: Dave Weckl

The “short list” of the instruments I use exclusively.

Fodera Tom Kennedy Signature Emperor II 5 Elite

What can I say… the best instruments on the planet! I have been playing Fodera Basses since 1985, and can truly say that I have found the perfect extension of my musical voice in the TK Signature Bass. These instruments are built for the player, providing such an organic feel and sound which allows me the luxury to simply be creative!

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Fodera Tom Kennedy Emperor II Standard

I’m very excited to add a new Fodera Bass to my arsenal… The Emperor Standard 5-string bolt-on. This bass has the same incredible punch, warmth and character so common to Fodera instruments, but is also perfect as a travel Bass. I have already found the removable neck invaluable on more flights than I can count, and thanks to Fodera’s precision construction, it plays beautifully wherever I go!

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Chadwick Folding Bass

This amazing bass system checks in at the airport with no additional weight or size fees, and with a less than 5 minute set up, provides me the luxury of taking the stage with a great sounding full size Acoustic Bass!

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Markbass Amplifiers

I was supplied with a Markbass amplifier quite by accident at a performance with the Mike Stern Band several years ago, and have used them exclusively ever since. The Momark/SD410H combination reveals the true sound of my Fodera signature bass, while the Minimark is perfect for Ac. Bass gigs around town. I couldn’t be happier!

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D’Addario Helicore Hybrid Bass Strings

I was so impressed the first time I played these strings on a friend’s Ac. Bass, and even more impressed with them on my instrument! They have such a nice warmth, amazing sustain, and really bring out the instrument’s character. I have Hybrids on all of my basses!

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Fodera Strings

The Fodera 5 string bass set is a perfect complement to the Fodera TK Bass guitar. These strings provide great body, brightness and sustain, and are always perfectly matched.

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