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New Start (2023)

Tom Kennedy – Bass; Dave Weckl – Drums; Stu Mindeman – Keyboards; Bob Franceschini – Saxes; Mike Stern – Guitar; Eric Marienthal – Alto Sax; Randy Brecker – Trumpet; Bill Evans – Tenor Sax; Roger Squitero – Percussion; Matthias Biston – Trumpet; Jason Swagler – Alto Sax

Tom Kennedy – Stories (2020)

Tom Kennedy – Bass; Dave Weckl – Drums; Jay Oliver – Keyboards; Roger Guth – Drums; Mike Stern – Guitar; Randy Brecker – Trumpet; Ada Rovatti – Saxes; Sarina Suno – Electric Violin; Bill Evans – Saxes; Roger Squitero – Percussion; Gary Meek – Saxes, Bass Clarinet; Nick Marchione – Trumpet

Tom Kennedy – Points of View (2017)

Tom Kennedy – Bass; Charles Blenzig – Piano; Randy Brecker – Trumpet; Obed Calvaire – Drums; Bill Evans – Saxes; Bob Franceschini – Saxes; Karla Harris – Vocal; Chuck Loeb – Guitar; Bob Malack – Sax; Nick Marcione – Trumpet; Richie Morales – Drums; Lee Ritenour – Guitar; Wes Ritenour – Drums; Mike Stern – Guitar; Dave Weckl – Drums

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Dave Weckl and I have performed together for decades, and are now collaborating on an exciting new band project – The Dave Weckl/Tom Kennedy Project!

Check out my upcoming dates in the USA, Europe, Asia and beyond… See performance dates here.

My new CD “Points Of View” is now available. Please buy on CD Baby, or, if you would like a personalized signed …

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